What is a pool heat pump?

Heat Pumps work on the same principle as airconditioners, extracting ambient heat from the atmosphere but, instead, transferring it to water. Thus where in a normal application, 1 kW of electrical energy produces just 1 kW of heat energy, with a Heat Pump, 1 kW of electrical energy produces approximately 3 kW of heat energy. The result is water heated for only approximately one third of the electrical usage of a heating element. You save two-thirds on your water heating costs!

pool heat pump

Heat your pool to 30ºC+ for a fraction of the cost of an electric heater.

Remote control with timer

A smart control allows you to heat water at pre-set times, including during off-peak, as well as letting you set the desired hot water temperature up to 30ºC.


Apart from saving electricity, saving you money and reducing the load on Eskom, Alliance units also operate on eco-friendly R410A gas.

Operates in all weathers

With an ambient operating range of –7ºC to +35ºC, the Alliance unit is unaffected by rain, snow or clouds. Automatic defrosting protection is built in, and the unit can operate day or night as required.

Typical installation of a pool heat pump.