How much does it cost to run?

Ask any electrician what the chief current-eaters are in your home and he'll tell you that they are items with heating elements: your geyser, stove, oven, heaters and tumble drier for example. Your fridge uses only a relatively little current, because it's powered by a motor, and motors aren't heavy current users. Well, airconditioners are simply larger versions of fridges, and thus don't use a great deal of current. You can find some tips on increasing efficiency below.

Service and maintenance

An annual service is required to ensure the lifespan of your air conditioner. Cape Climate Air Conditioning will service your unit to ensure the validity of its warranty and optimise its performance.

What is an Ioniser or plasma air conditioner?

An Ioniser charge air molecules with a negative charge, this functions to eliminate air-borne bacterial infections and build up of static electricity.

Does an air conditioner heat?

Everyone knows that air conditioners cool air. But it might surprise you to know that most split airconditioners can also heat as well as cool. Because split air conditioners don't have elements they heat your home very economically.


  • Set a comfortable temperature, 24 degrees C.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed.
  • When cooling a room, draw the curtains or drop the blinds on the sunny side of the room, speeding up the cooling process.
  • When cooling adjust the vents to blow up and when heating adjust the vents downwards. (Hot air rises, cool air falls).
  • Schedule an annual service by qualified technicians.
  • Make sure the BTU size of the unit is the correct size for the room.